Success since 5 generations

The name „Karlowsky“ stands for generations of valuable brand-name clothing targeting the hotel and gastronomy industry. Our success story has started in 1892 as my great-grandfather August Karlowsky has laid the foundation for the family company and has begun to sell selected haberdashery goods. In the second generation of the family from 1936, his son Hermann Karlowsky has made the decisive step forward. Our one-way retail store has developed into a wholesale with several business establishments, whose products has been produced at in-house factories.

Since 1990 it is my turn to continue this legacy. Since that time we have maximized the product portfolio, which in the previous years only included rubber apron, piping bag and crumb scrubber. It is my great pleasure, from now on to share my years of experience with my son, Niels. Together we use our passion, know-how and new streams to make sure that our work will be also continued over next generations, as well as filled with new innovative and successful chapters.

Thomas Karlowsky | Managing Director


1930 | Expansion

Opening of a further living and firm house, which is still today in the firm possession.

1936 | Take-over by Hermann Karlowsky

The next generation, with Hermann and Frieda Karlowsky, takes over the management. Opening of some businesses and extension of the assortment (haberdashery), retail trade business becomes wholesale and building of manufacture houses, where textiles were made.

1973 | Production of icing bags and rubber aprons

After the 2nd World War, the production of icing bags and rubber aprons has been let to the food-processing industry, caused by a national resolutions of the GDR. Expropriation of private property, wife Frieda Karlowsky concluded a pact of commission with the state (half nationally, half privately).

1974 | Thomas Karlowsky becomes owner of the company premises

After the death of Frieda Karlowsky the company has been assumed by the mother and aunt of today’s company owner. After the death of his mother in 1974 14-year-old Thomas Karlowsky accepts the inheritance of his mother. The inherited company premises did contain the head office until the move in 2008.
1990 | New start with the 2 articles: icing bags and rubber apron. Taking over the production of icing bags and aprons, cancellation of the rent with the national enterprise of the GDR.

1994 | First colour catalogue

Appearance of the first colourful catalogue and since then constant extension of the assortment of professional clothes for catering trade, food-processing industry as well as accessories.

2002 | Change of name and expansion

The assortment comprises several 1000 articles after 10 years, which are summarised in a 72-sided catalogue.

2008 | Change of name, expansion and move

Change of name from Karlowsky GmbH & Co. KG to Karlowsky Fashion GmbH. Entry into the advertising industry as premium brand. Publication of the new main catalogue with 128 pages. Move of the Karlowsky Fashion GmbH to Hohendodeleben – extension of the storage capacity.

2010 | ROCK CHEF® and star chef Stefan Marquard

Development and launch of the  trendy brand ROCK CHEF® along with TV chef Stefan Marquard.

2012 | Olympia London

Karlowsky Fashion becomes official outfitter of the staff of the “German House”  at the Olympic Games in London.

2012 | 120th company anniversary

2014 | Niels Karlowsky becomes the new Business Development Manager & Head of Export

Son Niels Karlowsky joins the company and becomes the new Business Development Manager and Head of Export.

2017 | 125 years Karlowsky Fashion

2018 | Robin Pietsch becomes testimonial for the DIAMOND CUT® brand

Since 2018, Saxony-Anhalt’s only Michelin-starred chef Robin Pietsch has been a testimonial for our premium brand Diamond Cut ®. We regularly provide him and his team with new products from the Karlowsky Collection.

2019 | With GREEN GENERATION® launches the first sustainable collection

Karlowsky Fashion GmbH presents the Green Generation collection in 2019. The new, highly fashionable work and leisurewear comes from sustainable production. The highlight: the polyester used is made from recycled plastic. An innovation that pays off: for customers and the environment alike.

2020 | Health & Beauty - New product area for medicine, care, wellness and cosmetics

With “HEALTH & BEAUTY”, Karlowsky® presents innovative and sustainable workwear for medical, care, wellness and cosmetic professions at the beginning of 2020, the advantages of which lie in the high functionality and the feel-good factor throughout.

2021 | Certification with the Green Button, Global Recycled Standard (GRS) & Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

With its new products for 2021, Karlowsky® shows which topics will determine the coming years in the workwear sector: Sustainability, transparency and a great deal of attention to detail. The certifications with the Green Button, Global Recycled Standard (GRS) & Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are just the beginning and lay the foundation for the workwear of the future.