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“Workwear as Fashion“ – with innovative ideas, lots of cool accessories and new product ranges, Karlowsky® is ringing in the (professional) fashion year 2023. Let yourself be inspired!

Magdeburg, 2023 – For the professional fashion manufacturer Karlowsky Fashion from Magdeburg, the new year is all about “Classic Styles”. What may seem like a backward-looking approach is in fact a reflection of the traditional company’s core values, which are reflected in the new collection on the one hand and in the company’s business activities on the other. Tradition, innovation, quality and sustainability are once again the focus in the new year in order to continue to withstand the international adversities in the supply chains and to remain a reliable partner with high stock levels and fast availability. The continuous development of customer-centric approaches, such as modern software solutions or the expansion of warehouse capacities are just two of several areas in which the professional fashion manufacturer has invested time and resources in the past year and which will unfold their full effect in the coming year. The pursuit of sustainable corporate goals and the implementation of new standards (e.g. Green Button 2.0) are also in full swing and contribute to the future viability of the company. Nothing therefore stands in the way of the goal of becoming one of the most sustainable producers of workwear in the gastronomy, hospitality, medical, care, wellness and cosmetics sectors in the coming years. The new collection for 2023 also underlines this modern path in terms of products: new product areas are being opened up, competences are being further developed, popular brands are being cultivated and existing (sustainable) ranges are being expanded.

Expansion of the Health & Beauty collection with a new product range

New fields of competence are opened up in the Health & Beauty product area. With cosmetics & hairdressing professions, new professions are now coming into focus at Karlowsky®. The sustainable Karlowsky basics (T-shirts, polo shirts, chinos and fleece jackets) that appeared last year naturally also form the basis here. These basics are now complemented by a water-repellent cutting cape (FB 1), a waterproof dyeing cape (FB 2) and a waterproof bib apron (LS 2) in classic and easy-to-finish black. In addition to water-repellent or waterproof properties, the three products feature antistatic material, which gives flying hair no chance to stick. Practical hand grips also allow the customer to be next to the “treatment” on the smartphone or to take a drink. The adjustable and elastic closure can be fastened at the neck with metal clips and hooks, making it comfortable to wear for a longer period of time and keeping the capes securely in place.

A new sleeveless tunic (KS 67) also further strengthens the Essential line in the Health & Beauty segment. The tunic complements the short-sleeved tunic with press studs (KS 63), the modern short-sleeved slip-on tunic for women & men (KS 65 & KS 66) as well as the casual throw-over tunic (KS 64). The products in this line for medicine, care, cleaning, cosmetics and wellness convince with their high washability of up to 95°C for clinically pure workwear and with light material for a comfortable wearing feeling in demanding work environments.  The highlight: the products have the Green Button sustainability label and the processed polyester consists of 100% GRS-certified recycled plastic. The Essential Line is available in eleven fashionable, eye-catching colours that are perfect for a uniform corporate image, can be combined to create striking colour combinations and are of course also ideal for embroidery and printing.

Developing skills with new accessories

“Workwear as fashion” – Karlowsky® has been deeply committed to this motto for years. With a selection of new accessories and suspender straps, the company is expanding an existing area of expertise and impressing here with proven workwear quality and an extra portion of style. The rather plain Classic models include suspender straps with metal clips and buckles made of a zinc alloy (AG 2), a tie (AK 2), a bow tie (AK 6) and a light chiffon neckerchief (AD 2) in 5 or 7 fashionable and classic colours. Except for the suspender straps, all items are washable at up to 40 °C. The new urban models are more unusual. In the suspender straps (AG 3, 4 & 5), the connecting piece on the back and the three end pieces are made of matching real leather. The end pieces are also variable: either they are attached to existing waistband buttons in the trousers in the classic way or they are attached to the waistband in a modern way with metal clips. The metal on the clips and buckles has a modern, cool brass look. In addition to the Urban-Classic (AG 3) in black, light brown and aubergine, the other two models have an unusual herringbone pattern (Urban-Herringbone; AG 4) or a unique check pattern (Urban-Glencheck, AG 5) in 4 or 2 different colours. The Urban-Herringbone (AG 9) and Urban-Glencheck (AG 13) bow ties are available to match the latter two models and complete the outfit.

Cultivating tradition and branding in the gastronomy sector

Karlowsky Fashion® is traditionally deeply rooted in the catering sector and, as the saying goes: tradition obliges! In both the premium and the mid-range sector, there are once again many innovations in the coming year for the chefs who are always reinventing themselves. With ROCK CHEF®, Karlowsky created an original brand of authenticity and rebellious lifestyle for the kitchen more than 10 years ago. The premium brand lives through its extravagant bearers, such as celebrity chef Stefan Marquard. Together with him, the brand was launched at that time and has been continuously developed to this day. But it also lives from the products that have been carefully thought through down to the last detail and bring the magic of rock ‘n’ roll into the kitchens of the world. The new, stylish short-sleeved denim chef jackets for men and women (RCJM 19 & RCJF 14), matching cargo chinos (RCHM 4 & RCHF 4), a sustainable and light-as-air bandana (RCKM 16 – Green Button and GRS certified) as well as a bib and bistro apron (RCLS 14 & RCBSS 6) hit the mark again. Rock On!

The second premium brand of the Saxony-Anhalt-based professional fashion manufacturer is also getting a boost. The new DIAMOND CUT® bib apron (DCLS 1) is bursting with elegance and high-quality Michelin star cuisine. With its shiny silver-grey fabric, elegant cross-bands made of genuine leather and a discreet “invisible” zip pocket on the bib, this apron is the perfect complement to the DIAMOND CUT® chef jackets Elegance and Couture and feels at home in the Michelin-starred kitchens of this world.

Overview of other new products and additions to the range

Karlowsky is also presenting stylish new products in the “normal” gastronomy range. The extremely popular and sustainable Green-Generation chef’s jackets are now also available for women in long and short sleeves (JF 26 & JF 27). Of course, they also have the Green Button and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifications and all the product highlights of the men’s model. For example, the ultra-light and slightly shiny fabric is also found here, which ensures very special freedom of movement in the kitchen and at the same time looks cool and elegant in front of the guest. In addition, the innovative piqué fabric insert in the back offers special breathability and thus enables maximum performance in everyday working life. To set itself apart from the men, Karlowsky® has added the modern colour fuchsia to the colour palette for the women’s models as a special accent. Short-sleeved chef’s jackets are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen the last years. This is why there will now also be a short-sleeved version (JM 6) of the lightweight Modern-Touch chef’s jacket in the colours black, white, anthracite and navy.

The new Soft-Run work shoe (BS 1) is a real all-rounder among the Karlowsky innovations. Whether in the catering trade, in medical and nursing professions or in other occupational fields: being on your feet for a long time is often unavoidable. The extra-soft and stabilising sole of the running sneaker offers a secure step even on long working days and is further complemented by a certified slip resistance (SR – according to EN ISO 20347:2022) on ceramic tiles, cleaning agents, steel plates and glycerine. The lightweight construction of the shoe also ensures high breathability and comfortable wear even in demanding work environments. With machine washability up to 30 °C and equipped with an antibacterial lining, the shoes also meet the highest hygienic demands.

Look forward to these and other trendy highlights in the coming season –

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