A look into the future of workwear:

Karlowsky Fashion presents new 2024 collection

Magdeburg, d. 01.01.2024 – Karlowsky Fashion GmbH is once again conquering the (professional) fashion industry with its latest collection for 2024. With a wide range of timeless, versatile garments that (not only) meet the requirements of everyday working life, the traditional company from Saxony-Anhalt is once again setting new standards in terms of style and functionality.


Classic shirts and blouses: a new benchmark for comfort and elegance

The Karlowsky 2024 collection presents an exquisite selection of classic Shirts (BM 11, BM 12, BM 14, BM 15) and Blouses (BF 11, BF 12, BF 14, BF 15, BF 17, BF 18), which are available in various fits and sleeve lengths. Whether slim-fit or modern-fit, long-sleeved, short-sleeved or with three-quarter sleeves for women – everyone will find their new favourite piece here. In the timeless colours white and black, these garments radiate pure elegance and are also washable at 60 °C. The use of cotton with a touch of elastane not only ensures maximum freedom of movement, but also cool comfort and a sophisticated sheen. Perfect for service, office, reception, aircraft crews and many other professions.


Waiter clothing with grace and sophistication

To match the shirts & blouses, Karlowsky® offers a selection of new Waiter Trousers for women (BHF 2) and men (BHM 3) as well as a matching Skirt (BRF 2) for service staff in select restaurants. With classically elegant details such as creases and a walking slit on the skirt as well as practical pockets, these garments are perfectly tailored to the needs of the catering industry.


Style and functionality for warm days

The 2024 collection also includes cool 5-pocket Classic Stretch Shorts for women (HF 11) & men (HM 15), based on the popular 5-pocket trousers (HF 9 & HM 12). These trousers are not only stylish, but also extremely practical and washable at up to 60°C. The elastane content ensures a comfortable fit, while cooling cotton keeps you cool on warm days.


ROCK CHEF® Stage2 cargo trousers: the next level of kitchen clothing

With the introduction of the Stage2 Cargo Trousers (RCHF 4 & RCHM 4) in black, Karlowsky is setting new standards in kitchen clothing with its premium brand ROCK CHEF®. The seam reinforcements at the crotch and thighs and the elastane content ensure extra freedom of movement. The patch pockets on the sides of the thighs and two back pockets with flaps offer plenty of space for all kinds of utensils, such as mobile phones, small kitchen utensils, etc. Of course, the trousers also offer an extra dose of coolness with exclusive applications made from ROCK CHEF® Glencheck check fabric, as well as rivets and buttons with ROCK CHEF® embossing. A “hidden” feature in ROCK CHEF® Glencheck check fabric is only revealed when the trouser legs are rolled up. Nothing stands in the way of their use in the kitchen, also thanks to their hygienic washability at 60 °C.



Headgear for the professional kitchen

The 2024 collection offers an exciting selection of new headwear for the kitchen. These include both the classic Chef´s hat (KM 36) and a modern Beanie (KM 35), which is equipped with a mesh insert for comfortable ventilation. These stylish kitchen hats will be available in the appealing colours black, white, navy and anthracite.


Denim aprons in a new look

The new collection also includes innovative denim Aprons (LS 41 bib apron & VS 14 pre-tie) with a “raw” denim look and removable contrasting straps. For sustainable working, Karlowsky offers the Apron without leather straps (LS 42) for its well-known denim X-Style Bib Apron (LS 28), so that customers can continue to use their existing X-Style leather straps.

The Jeans-Style models in the Karlowsky range are also getting an update in the form of a colour extension in the popular trend colour “Vintage Moosgreen”. This subtle, earthy green colour gives the tried-and-tested vintage collection (LS 22 bib apron & JM 24, JF 20, JM 32, JF 21 chef’s jackets) a new, even more modern touch.


Accessories that set accents

The accessories collection, which was launched last year, is complemented by matching Sleeve Holders (AG 6) made of elastic band in various colours, which guarantee a perfect appearance in combination with the bow ties and ties from the Karlowsky range.


Coats for doctors and laboratory work

Karlowsky presents ultra-modern Coats (MF 4 & MM 6) with a cool stand-up collar for demanding everyday work in medical and laboratory environments. These coats are not only stylish, but also extremely functional, thanks to a concealed press stud placket, spacious pockets and a key chain loop. The ability to wash these coats at up to 95°C ensures the highest hygienic standards.


Karlowsky Fashion GmbH has once again succeeded in combining fashion and functionality and presents a collection that stands for maximum comfort and timeless style. The 2024 collection is the epitome of elegance and innovation and will undoubtedly influence the workwear industry.

Look forward to these and other trendy highlights in the coming season – www.karlowsky.de


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