High-tech meets timeless elegance

Magdeburg, 01.03.2023 – Karlowsky Fashion leather goods are made with passion and care. Whether stylish aprons or first-class accessories, all the power and refinement of the high-quality material speaks from the no-frills workwear products. Perfectly thought-out functionality ensures that the beloved objects made of leather become special companions in everyday working life – for a long time!

In order to give these products a personal character, the workwear expert from Magdeburg now offers laser engraving for their leather products. This type of finishing is usually more familiar from metal work, but it is particularly suitable for a versatile material like leather. In contrast to embossing, more filigree work such as logos, handwriting and other more elaborate graphics can be implemented, which are also far more durable compared to a possible print finish. Laser processing opens up completely new possibilities for creating individual personalisation’s.

The advantages of speed, precision, material protection and durability are immediately convincing. When engraving on leather, the top layer of the material is removed by a high-precision laser. The result, depending on the colour, pre-treatment and type of leather, is a highly visible, eye-catching engraving. Even large graphics up to 400 cm² can be engraved easily and quickly.

If you are interested in laser engraving on the leather products from Karlowsky Fashion and the corresponding price lists, please send your enquiry to: info@karlowsky.de

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