Kick off for our champions!

Brochure “Team Spirit”

Personalized service clothing for the World Cup summer 2018

Are you ready for the summer 2018? On 14th of June 2018 the Football World Cup begins, traditionally with fan chants, public viewing, packed beer gardens, barbecue and social gatherings. Football connects. Whether banker, secretary, nurse or waiter: when the ball rolls, just anyone becomes a fan.

Simply use team spirit for your business! Benefit from the World Cup fever by offering your customers from gastronomy industry, the right textile finishing based on the theme “Football World Cup 2018”. We have the perfect products always on stock.

The finishing motives visualized in this brochure are only examples. Further information about available finishing types and motives is available on request. Prices are variable depending on the chosen finishing type and motive size.

Affect your customer with the World Cup fever!

Just for you: the free World Cup Brochure "Team Spirit" for your customer communication

In this brochure “Team Spirit” you can find well-selected articles for the service and gastronomy industry – suitable for a perfect finishing. Thanks to finishing examples your customers can tune directly into the theme “World Cup 2018”. Particularly practical: at the back of the brochure page there is enough space for your individual contact details or other specific information for your customers.